AM host Ryan Bridge slams Prince Harry for wearing t-shirt with 'girl dad' on it

  • 10/05/2022

AM host Ryan Bridge has slammed Prince Harry for wearing a t-shirt with the phrase "girl dad" on it during a travel video. 

In a new sustainable travel campaign, which stars Kiwi actors Rhys Darby, Rena Owen and Dave Fane, Harry wore a t-shirt saying "girl dad".

Bridge slammed Harry for wearing the t-shirt during a long rant on AM on Tuesday.   

The term "girl dad" according to the urban dictionary, means "a father who wants his daughter to have the same rights, opportunities and privileges as any boy". 

"God sakes, of course we do, everybody does," Bridge said.  

"Do you need to put it on a t-shirt? Is no one else sick of this now? 

"They [Harry and Meghan Markle] said they were going to get out of the spotlight, move to California, draw the curtains and just hide from the world because they were just sick of the tabloids." 

"Then every second you get, there is a new California phrase, 'girl dad', that they are putting on their t-shirt. No one cares." 

Fellow AM co-host Melissa Chan Green said: "They are making the world a better place."

"No, they're not making the world a better place, they want you to know they are making the world a better place, there is a difference," Bridge said. 

"There are lots of people who do amazing things. Just do good in the world and shut up about it."   

Watch the full video above.