Review: Elvis is an anarchic pulsating exhilarating dive into history and music

After a 12-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, Elvis is back in the building.

Directed by Australian showman Baz Luhrmann, Elvis is about to have a red carpet extravaganza back on his home turf.

If you're looking for Elvis, you've come to the right place. If you're looking for Elvis through the bedazzled lens of Baz Luhrmann? Well gird your loins and prepare to be all shook up.

The first stroke of genius from Luhrmann was casting relative unknown Austin Butler in his first lead role and arguably the role of a lifetime - playing the King of Rock 'n Roll.

This is Elvis' story told through the eyes of the villain of the piece. Enter stage left - Tom Hanks as Elvis' promoter and manager Colonel Parker.

This is an anarchic pulsating exhilarating dive into history and the music that made Elvis the icon he was and while some judicious trimming in the edit would not have gone amiss there is a whole lotta shakin' going on and it's not to be missed.

Even with the razzle-dazzle Baz factor, this film was always going to rise or fall on its Elvis and Austin Butler is quite simply a sensation, bringing the King back to big-screen life with a riveting rock 'n roll performance steeped in the heart and soul of a legend.

Four-and-a-half stars.