Heartbreak Island: Distraught Ash Williams thinks about giving up after the elimination of friend

The competition on Heartbreak Island gets a little too real for Kiwi hopeful Ash Williams in the emotional latest episode.

The show already dramatically lost a contestant in episode two when Alexandra Carter walked off.

She was paired up with her first choice - British footballer Max Batchelor - but the romance died as soon as he kissed Kasey Watson, another contestant, leading to an angry confrontation and her early departure.

In the latest shock to hit the Fiji Island inhabitants, Jake Spinner and Maiata Boxer are both eliminated following a furious showdown in the Passion Play, where contestants are given the option to stay with their partners or stray to someone else.

But the devastating emotional ripples of the double eviction prove almost too much for Williams.

Walking back into the villa, a tearful Batchelor informs her that Spinner has been kicked off the island. It moves her to tears as she's overcome with emotion at the news after the three of them formed a friendship.

"I know you and him had something special," Batchelor tells Williams before giving her a hug.

Clearly upset even though they weren't paired up but had previously hooked up, Williams bemoans the fact she didn't get "to say bye" to Spinner.

"I haven't really connected with anyone like that. I don't even care about the money anymore, I don't for some reason. It's not even that important," Ash says.

The full Heartbreak Island episode is available now to watch via ThreeNow.