Lady Gaga dog robber gets four years in jail

Lady Gaga holding a bull dog
One of three men involved in the Lady Gaga dog robbery has been jailed. Photo credit: Getty Images

One of three men who was charged in the armed robbery of Lady Gaga's dog walker in 2021 has been jailed for four years in the US.

A California court sentenced Jaylin Keyshawn White after he admitted to being part of a gang that shot Ryan Fischer as he took the three animals out for a walk in Hollywood in February 2021.

Among those dogs were Gaga's two French bulldogs.

White had pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery.

Footage from the scene showed two people stopping a car near Fischer as he walked the dogs before jumping out and attacking him.

Fischer was told to "give it up" before a struggle broke out. He was subsequently shot, with the attackers stealing the two dogs.

A third dog ran back to the dog walker after the robbers escaped.

After the robbery, Lady Gaga put up a US$500,000 reward for the return of the animals.

The woman who handed in the dogs after the reward was put up has been charged with being an accessory after the fact and with receiving stolen goods.

After the robbery, the Los Angeles Police said they didn't believe the dogs were targeted because they belonged to the 'Poker Face' singer, but had been singled out purely because of their value on the black market.