Married at First Sight's Jessika Power fired from Australian reality show

Jessika Power glammed up on a night out.
Jessika Power has reportedly been fired from an Australian reality series. Photo credit: Getty Images

Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Jessika Power has been dropped from another Australian reality television show at the last minute.

Power had been due to take part in The Challenge Australia, but on her Instagram account, she said she was dropped in a decision by the producers.

"I had my bags packed, everything ready and received a message from my manager stating that the American executives had made a creative decision to not include me on the show despite believing I am 'good talent'," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

"I was excited to be chosen to do the show and it was only a day before I was having Skype interviews with the casting director and speaking about opening outfits and filming location and leave dates," she continued. 

"I'd completed my medical, background check and had my leave date for the show. 

"'Everything had come back clear and everyone was happy but sometimes in TV these 'creative decisions' happen and that's okay because it's always an honour to even be considered let alone film a new television show."

She also revealed more details about the so-called sacking in a recent podcast.

Speaking to the reality TV gossip podcast So Dramatic, she claimed she was one of the first contestants to be cast for The Challenge Australia back in January.

"I have zero idea why they pulled me from the show. It was literally a last-second creative decision," Power said.

The Challenge Australia's synopsis says the show will see "Australia's most-talked about reality stars compete with and against each other, in extreme challenges that push both their mind and bodies past breaking point."

Power gained notoriety for her affair on Married at First Sight Australia in 2019.

She and Dan Webb shook the show when they coupled up behind their original partners' backs, going on to become a bonafide couple in the experiment. 

The romance later crumbled under public pressure, culminating in a horribly awkward fight on live television before the pair called it quits.