Princess Diana death: First doctor on scene still feels 'a little bit responsible' for her dying 25 years on

Princess Diana with her head cocked to the side.
The first doctor on the scene of the crash 25 years ago says he still feels a little bit responsible for Diana's death. Photo credit: Getty Images

The first doctor at the scene of Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris 25 years ago says he will always feel "a little bit responsible" for her final moments.

Wednesday, August 31 marks the 25th anniversary of Diana's death and French medic Frederic Mailliez has revealed he's still haunted by what happened in the Alma Tunnel in 1997.

He told the Associated Press he had no idea who he was trying to help, he just saw a "very beautiful" woman who was fighting for her life after the car she was in crashed into a pillar at high speed.

"I realise my name will always be attached to this tragic night," Dr Mailliez said.

"I feel a little bit responsible for her last moments.

"I walked toward the wreckage. I opened the door and I looked inside.

"Four people: two of them were apparently dead, no reaction, no breathing. And the two others, on the right side, were living but in severe condition.

"The front passenger was screaming, he was breathing. He could wait a few minutes. And the female passenger, the young lady, was on her knees on the floor of the Mercedes, she had her head down. 

"She had difficulty to breathe. She needed quick assistance.

"I know it's surprising, but I didn't recognise Princess Diana. 

"I was in the car on the rear seat giving assistance. I realised she was very beautiful, but my attention was so focused on what I had to do to save her life, I didn't have time to think, who was this woman.

"Someone behind me told me the victims spoke English, so I began to speak English, saying I was a doctor and I called the ambulance. 

"I tried to comfort her.

"It was a massive shock to learn that she was Princess Diana, and that she died."

 Dr Mailliez said he asked himself: "Did I do everything I could to save her? Did I do correctly my job?" 

"I checked with my medical professors and I checked with police investigators."