Brian Cox hints fourth season of Succession 'may be last'

Brian Cox in Succession
Brian Cox says the next season of Succession could be the last. Photo credit: Supplied

Brian Cox believes Succession may end with its upcoming fourth season as the cast and crew don't want it to "overstay its welcome".

The veteran Scottish actor plays misanthropic media mogul Logan Roy in the hit HBO show, which follows his children's efforts to inherit his business empire.

Despite the series being one of the most garlanded critical hits of recent years, in an interview with The Times, Cox teased that it remains to be seen whether the cast will be back for the fifth run of episodes.

"I don't know," he said of Succession's future.

"No one's had their contracts renewed. Who knows how long it will go on? We don't want it to overstay its welcome, like (Showtime series) Billions; that's past its sell-by date. That will not happen with our show."

During the programme's run, Logan has become known for his brusque treatment of his children and underlings, as well as his ruthless and amoral attitude to business. However, Cox, who grew up in a poor household in Scotland, identifies with his character as his ruthlessness is a product of having come from a similar background.

"I understand him. He's a total b**tard, but I understand him," the 76-year-old explained. "I wish I had more Logan in me. The story is King Lear really, except Logan inherited nothing. He's a self-made man and I identify with him for that reason."

Explaining Logan's cruel treatment of his children, the Rob Roy star added: "He's given up on humanity, except he still loves his kids. He can't show it because it's not being shown to him. There's a mystery to him, this other side that we never see and we never will see because he's not interested in showing it. I love that aspect to it. I do empathise with Logan a lot."

Production on the fourth season of Succession is currently underway.

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