Black Adam's Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson answers questions from Kiwis

Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is finally hitting screens around the world.

The Rock has been its biggest champion since he was first cast in the role in 2007. Yeah, 15 years ago.

DC has been looking to catch fire in the same way its rivals Marvel have previously. But, arguably, it's only been smouldering. 

Johnson is looking to change all that with a lesser-known antihero possessing god-like magical abilities. And he kills people. So, FYI.

The Hits' Jono & Ben flew to Los Angeles for an exclusive interview with The Rock - New Zealand's only interview. However, the boys were more than happy to share their luck, giving opportunities to other Kiwis to ask the big man some questions. 

Recorded for their interview, Jono & Ben played the clips for the Black Adam star to answer

When legendary All Black Dan Carter noted The Rock's strength and size, he suggested Johnson join the ABs squad. 

"We lived in Auckland, Grey Lynn, and I played a little bit," Johnson said on The Project. "Got my ass kicked all over the place."

Ben had a surprise from The Rock's old school, Richmond Road in Grey Lynn. Principal Jacqui Tutavake asked what memory Johnson had from his time in their community.

"It would come down to family, because [I was an] only child," he said. "When we went to New Zealand, we lived with my grandfather's family. That was the first time I was exposed to a large Samoan family where we all lived together. And it was really beautiful."

Of course, The Rock plays a superhero in Black Adam, so he was asked who his hero was.

"My hero is my mom. She's been the rock of the family forever. Just always so kind and literally the happiest person... even when we were really going through some hard times, she has this light, this mana about her."

See the full television interview above and catch the extended interview on the Hits Breakfast with Jono & Ben.