Rita Ora talks rugby, her music, and New Zealand's love of native birds

Rita Ora. She's an international singer and actor who recently married a very famous Kiwi - and she's here in New Zealand right now getting ready for a very special show at Eden Park on Saturday.

Born in Kosovo, and raised in London, Ora rose to fame after dropping her debut album in 20212.

Ora had several tracks shoot up to number one, which opened doors to world tours, more albums, and film and TV roles.

After meeting Kiwi filmmaker Taika Waititi back in 2018, the couple tied the knot at a private ceremony in August this year.

Now she's throwing her support behind the Women's Rugby World Cup, playing the halftime show of the opening match this weekend.

"It's not just going to be an amazing event of incredible women rugby players, it's also going to be a historical event."

And while she didn't really grow up with the sport, she is beginning to catch rugby fever.

"I'm from London. I do know more about football than I do rugby, but I understand the simple rules of rugby," Ora told The Project.

Ora was the first female solo artist in the UK to have 13 top ten songs, and our country could influence the next one.

"I just love it. I do have to say, it's such an incredible artistic, creative energy here in New Zealand," she told The Project. "I've loved discovering New Zealand and working here for me feels very natural and organic. I feel very lucky to be here."

But she admits she was a bit shocked by our intense love for our native birds.

"It's almost like the birds get treated better than me. I'm walking down the street, and they're like, 'Get out the way, the bird's walking'."

So, how much does our newest megastar resident know about New Zealand? Check out the interview above as The Project's panel gives her an unofficial citizenship quiz.

Tickets are available on the Rugby World Cup website. Rita Ora is performing opening night, Saturday, October 8.