Dai Henwood reveals he has stage 4 bowel cancer

  • 27/01/2023

Comedian Dai Henwood has revealed he has stage 4 bowel cancer which his oncologist has declared "incurable".

The father of two young children and star of shows including Dai's Houseparty, Family Feud, Dancing with the Stars and Seven Days says he was diagnosed in 2020 and has had extensive treatment since.

In an exclusive interview with The Project, he told Jaquie Brown what it was like to tell his wife the news.

"[I remember] ringing my wife to pick me up and just crying, saying 'I've got cancer', just shaking. The fear - and that's still in me, I can still feel that fear in my stomach and that," said Henwood.

However, he also made a conscious decision not to suffer or see his having cancer as unfair.

"The universe doesn't have fair and unfair - it has events. And how you respond to the event defines you, not the event," Dai told Brown.

"Cancer doesn't define me. How I respond to it defines me."

"Kia Ora, bit of a heavy post but something I need to share. Almost three years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer," Henwood said in a tweet.

"Tonight at 7pm during The Project on Three I share my story with a good friend Jacquie Brown."

His powerful interview can be watched in full here.