Have Your Say: Are you sympathetic to Prince Harry after his book, interview revelations?

  • 11/01/2023

Prince Harry has launched another bombshell of allegations against his family, particularly his brother and father, in his book Spare and a series of television interviews.

Revelations from the memoir have littered newspapers and news websites over the past week after leaked copies made their way to media outlets and a Spanish store began selling the book early.

The Duke of Sussex also did several media interviews with high-profile journalists to promote the book, providing more juice about the royal family.

Among the revelations is that his brother, Prince William, allegedly physically attacked him, he killed 25 people while serving in the British Army in Afghanistan, he considered Camilla Parker-Bowles "dangerous" and about how he lost his virginity.

Despite the book and television interviews being Prince Harry's attempt to tell his story himself, it appears they have so far failed to rehabilitate his image with the British public.

A YouGov poll out on Tuesday shows his favourability has fallen to a record low, with just 26 percent of Brits thinking positively of him, while 64 percent have a negative view. That's compared to 81 percent of Brits thinking positively of him in 2017, ahead of his marriage to Meghan Markle.

Are you sympathetic to Prince Harry after his book and television interview revelations?

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