Jacinda Ardern resignation: How celebrities reacted to the shock news

Celebrities have reacted swiftly to the news Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is to step down no later than February 7.

Ardern told reporters on Thursday the Labour Party caucus will vote for her replacement on Sunday to lead Labour to the election on October 14.

Magda Szubanski, who played Sharon in the Kath and Kim comedy series, said she was "gutted" by the news. 

"GUTTED. I mean, I understand but… GUTTED," she tweeted.

"Wish you all the best you fabulous woman! You have raised the bar in terms of humane leadership. Your strength kindness and humour a gift to us all. Thank you" she concluded.

Jurassic Park actor Sam Neill tweeted:

"#PrimeMinister @jacindaardern resigned today. I am not surprised nor do I blame her. Her treatment, the pile on, in the last few months has been disgraceful and embarrassing.

"All the bullies, the misogynists, the aggrieved. She deserved so much better. A great leader. Thanks PM!"

Comedian Guy Williams joked the "Briscoes Lady should be the next PM."

"I'm really sorry to hear Jacinda is stepping down. Overall I think she was a good Prime Minister who will be remembered well. And I was proud of the way she represented NZ on the world stage," he tweeted out.

"I need to include a joke so I will also say the Briscoes Lady should be the next PM."

Kim DotCom said, "Wow."

"Wow. @jacindaardern  just resigned as Prime Minister of New Zealand. She's been subject to much criticism and abuse. I believe she has tried her best. She had a great start and then came Covid-19. I wish Jacinda, @NZClarke  and little Neve all the best," he said.

Comedian Jeremy Elwood wrote he was "stunned but not surprised."

"Stunned but not surprised at Jacinda Ardern’s announcement. Incredible leader through incredible times, take a deserved rest and I look forward to seeing what comes next," he said.

Media chaplain and broadcaster Frank Ritchie paid tribute to the Prime Minister's "years of service."

"Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, thank you for your years of service during some very hard times. You have my appreciation, and the appreciation of many others," he said.

Writer and presenter Michele A' Court wrote she was the "Best PM we have ever had. Pleased she will get her life back. She deserves all good things."

Not everyone was fulsome in their praise though.

Outspoken Kiwi journalist and Daily Mail columnist Dan Wootton wished her "good riddance."

"Jacinda Ardern has resigned as New Zealand’s Prime Minister knowing full well she was about to be brutally booted from office by Kiwis who woke up to her Covid authoritarianism, Be Kind hypocrisy and an economic catastrophe she inflicted on an amazing country. Good riddance," he posted on social media.