Jacinda Ardern resigns: Pink pays tribute for 'showing the rest of the world what's possible'

'Beautiful Trauma' singer Pink has paid tribute to Jacinda Ardern for "showing the rest of the world what's possible" in a gushing Twitter post.

The New Zealand Prime Minister announced on Thursday (local time) she was resigning after five-and-a-half years in the job.

Ardern said she was stepping down from the role in election year because she had "nothing left in the tank" and she felt it was the right time to go.

The news has been reported globally, with the likes of the US President Joe Biden and worldwide newspapers among those weighing in on the decision.

Pink posted to her 31.5 million followers Ardern had her "admiration" as a unique world leader.

"Prime Minister @jacindaardern there will never be another like you," she said. 

"I wish there were. You have my admiration, my respect, my well wishes for you+your beautiful family. 

"I have watched you shine uniquely+bravely from afar.

"Thank you for showing the rest of the world what's possible."

Others agreed, with many pointing to the toll the vitriol the Prime Minister's faced in the job as being part of the reason she's stepping away from Aotearoa's top job.

"I am so disappointed," one said in a comment under Pink's post.

"She was and is the best thing for NZ. Many here have no idea what the rest of the world have been through and are currently going through.The level of misogyny, hatred and vitriol has been off the charts!!!"

"That's cool and so nice to our PM - thanks," another said.

"So sad that we (collectively, as New Zealanders) treated her so badly. So proud, but so sorry... glad that her family now has her. We aren't worthy," another remarked.

However, there were also plenty of naysayers commenting on Pink's post, with most of the negativity related to COVID-19 vaccines.