Michael Bay denies killing pigeon on movie set in Italy

Michael Bay and a pigeon.
Michael Bay has hit back at claims he killed a pigeon on a movie set. Photo credit: Getty Images

Michael Bay has vehemently denied killing a pigeon while on a movie set in Italy.

Last week, reporters at TheWrap claimed that the director was facing a charge of failing to supervise crew members responsible for handling animals in relation to the alleged death of a pigeon while he was making the 2019 action-thriller 6 Underground.

Though it remains unclear whether a pigeon was killed, Bay remains adamant that he has witnesses and video evidence that disprove the claim. He has declined an opportunity to settle the case.

In response to the report, Bay's lawyer Mathew Rosengart sent a legal letter to editors at TheWrap insisting that the filmmaker had never been "accused or 'charged' with 'killing a pigeon'".

"Your story is particularly harmful and malicious because, contrary to its implications, Michael Bay is an animal rights activist; he passionately loves animals, as his track record shows," the letter, obtained by Variety, reads.

"As a result of your story, however, his name is now associated with 'killing' or 'murdering' an animal, connoting intent. He is, therefore, being unfairly maligned and attacked."

Rosengart also demanded that TheWrap's article be retracted.

Bay, 57, did not comment further as the case is ongoing.