Rebel Wilson blasted as 'hypocritical' for promoting Dubai getaway

Rebel Wilson and a group of friends
Rebel Wilson and friends in Dubai. Photo credit: Instagram / Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson has been branded "hypocritical" for promoting a lavish weekend away in Dubai to watch Beyoncé perform an exclusive concert.

Wilson took to Instagram to share a video at the opening of the luxury resort Atlantis The Royal, where the 'Break My Soul' singer was reportedly paid around $34 million to perform a private set.

"Atlantis The Royal is BEYond! What a weekend with BEY!" Wilson said alongside a video of the weekend's highlights.

However, Wilson has since come under fire for attending the hotel's opening, with many questioning why she was promoting a country that imposed the death penalty on those in LGBTQ+ relationships.

"Aren't you a member of LGBTQ+ community? The hypocrisy of it all," one said.

"Gee Rebel. You do know that it's the death penalty in Dubai for homosexuality? Supporting such a country is really really poor form, especially as a member of that community," another said.

"Uhm, they kill our kind over there," another wrote.

Wilson announced she was dating fashion designer Ramona Agruma in 2022, coming out during Pride Month.

"I thought I was searching for a Disney Prince … but maybe what I really needed all this time was a Disney Princess #loveislove," she said on Instagram in June 2022.

In June 2021, Wilson angrily slammed the Sydney government in Australia for forcing another lockdown on the population during a COVID-19 outbreak - criticism that saw her slated for her "privilege".

Wilson's promotion of a country which has a hardline stance over homosexuality comes just months after English footballer David Beckham was condemned for his apparent support of the Football World Cup in Qatar.

In November, Beckham was paid $298 million to promote Qatar, while musical acts Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams performed during the tournament, appalling fans within the LGBTQ+ communities worldwide.