Sharon Stone blasts 'misogynistic' co-stars for talking during her close-ups

Sharon Stone.
Sharon Stone. Photo credit: Getty Images

Sharon Stone has blasted some of her "misogynistic" male co-stars for talking instead of listening when the camera is on her during a shoot.

The Basic Instinct actress claimed in an interview with Variety that some of the "really big stars" she's worked with during her career talked through her on-camera moments to give her advice instead of listening and reacting to her performance.

"I've worked with some of the biggest stars in the business, who will literally talk through my close-up, telling me what they think I should do. They're so misogynistic," she told the outlet.

"But I have worked with some really big stars who will literally talk out loud through my close-up, telling me what to do. They just will not listen to me, and will not allow me to affect their performance with my performance. That's not great acting. I mean, I get that you're great and everybody thinks you're wonderful. But listening, being present for those fractured moments, is really the human experience."

Stone clarified that she was not referring to her Casino co-stars Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci with her comments.

The 64-year-old admitted her outspoken nature hasn't made her very popular in Hollywood.

"I am not the most popular actor in town, because people don't want to hear my, as they say, f**king opinions... maybe because of my devotion, maybe because I'm just kind of a weirdo. But I'm just in it to be present," she stated.

Stone also recalled that her late Gloria co-star George C. Scott once called her "the best listener I've ever worked with except for my wife" and the compliment meant so much to her that she cried.

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