Vin Diesel is not in Avatar sequels, producer clarifies

Vin Diesel and a Na'vi
Vin Diesel won't be in any Avatar movies. Photo credit: Getty Images

Sounds like people may have been too fast and furious when it comes to casting Vin Diesel in the Avatar sequels.

It was April 2019 when Diesel posted a video on his verified Instagram account with Avatar director James Cameron saying the two were on the top-secret set of the movie franchise sequels.

"But I tell you, it's long overdue," Diesel said in the video.

"There is one person in Hollywood I've always wanted to work with and learn from... And so all things come, I guess, to those that wait."

Despite what appeared to be the actor getting his dream to work with Cameron, Avatar producer Jon Landau reportedly told the publication Empire that people misunderstood.

"Vin was a fan," Landau said.

"He came in, visited the set one day to see what we were doing and people took that out of context."

CNN has reached out to reps for Diesel for comment.