Benee explains channelling anger into new song 'Green Honda'

Kiwi pop star Benee says her new song contains a "lot of built up anger that came out" when she was recording it.

'Green Honda' released on Thursday morning and while it may appear to be an ode to her first car, she's also revealed frustrations at life fuelled the lyrical fire.

Speaking on The Project, Benee said the green Honda in question was her first car Steve, gifted to her by her nana - and it played a significant part in her career to date.

She also revealed she has a tattoo of the car.

"She was my cover art on my second EP, she was in my first music video 'Tough Guy'.

"Now my dad drives her," she told the show's hosts.

Benee said the song was recorded last year in Los Angeles "with a couple of swedes, you can definitely hear the influence in the synths".

The 'Supalonely' singer is due to play Coachella when it returns to California this April.

Benee will play the first weekend of the festival on April 14 before returning for the second weekend on April 21.