Ed Sheeran dissed New Zealand chocolate in 2015 - now he thinks it's 'actually alright'

Ed Sheeran gazing at a chocolate bar.
Ed Sheeran has now revealed he's changed his mind on hating NZ chocolate. Photo credit: Getty / Whittakers

Ahead of his first official gig at Wellington's Sky Stadium on Thursday, Ed Sheeran has finally backtracked on one of his more controversial opinions - that New Zealand chocolate isn't as bad as he once thought.

During his tour around Aotearoa in 2015, Sheeran revealed he wasn't a fan of our sweet offerings, tweeting: "Everything down under is better, except the chocolate. Step the chocolate game up, Switzerland, holla at yo boi."

He also said he thought the confections across the Tasman weren't up to scratch either.

However, in a post to his Instagram from Wellington, Sheeran has announced he's changed his mind.

"Also I take back what I said about NZ chocolate, it's actually alright isn't it," he said.

Reaction to the 'Shape of You' singer's reversal was swift, with many saying it was about time.

"We would have to agree, New Zealand chocolate is pretty top notch. Even better, NZ's finest chocolate is made here in Wellington, just down the road from you," the official Whittakers NZ account replied.

"It's only good if it's Whittakers chocolate," another said.

It's believed Sheeran made the comments at his Wellington warm-up shows, with one commenter revealing: "He actually said 'the one starting with W' on the Wednesday night and we all yelled "WHITTAKERS!"

Sheeran plays Wellington's Sky Stadium tonight before heading to Auckland's Eden Park for shows on February 10 and 11 as part of his Mathematics Tour.