Jeremy Corbett reveals he ripped off Sting in music royalties

The Project NZ host Jeremy Corbett has revealed he effectively stole money from Sting by refusing to pay royalties to the former Police frontman.

Corbett was interviewing Sting ahead of his Christchurch concert in March when he told Sting he wanted to start the chat off on the right foot.

"Now I wanted to start with a confession," Corbett began.

"Back in '83, I was in a university band by the name of Dosage 'B' and we played 'Every Breath You Take' and didn't pay royalties," he said.

"OK" Sting said, before asking "What key did you do it in?"

"I think we did it in the original key, but I sung it way different to you," Corbett replied.

"Any recordings of this version of your song?" Sting asked.

Watch the Project NZ video above.