Lewis Capaldi's fans sing his song to him after Tourette's outbreak on stage

Lewis Capaldi's fans have shown their support for the singer by helping him finish his hit, 'Someone You Loved' after he suffered an outbreak of Tourette's on stage in Frankfurt, Germany.

In heartwarming footage shared by fans to TikTok, the Scottish singer, 26, was shown to be struggling during parts of the smash single.

As he tried to centre himself during the outbreak of tics, fans took the reins and sang the rest of the lyrics back to him.

It's believed there were 15,000 fans in the audience for the Frankfurt performance.

"We support you!! @LewisCapaldi," the fan captioned the video on TikTok, with others chiming in to offer their support.

"Humans humaning can be so healing to watch sometimes," one follower wrote in the comments, while another added, "Everyone singing is a blessing to this world - thank you."

Capaldi later made light of the situation online in his usual open manner - but also thanked his fans for their heartwarming response to the sudden onset of tics.

In his own TikTok, he said the twitching happens when he gets nervous, tired or excited, but it's not painful.

"I'm absolutely fine," he said. "I'm tired - and I'm also very excited because this whole arena is singing my songs back to me." 

He even joked about it, saying: "Get a ticket if you haven't … come see me twitch, live and in person."

Capaldi is due to play Auckland and Wellington in July this year.