Meghan Markle reportedly 'upset and overwhelmed' by South Park parody

Meghan Markle has been reportedly "upset and overwhelmed" by her depiction on an episode of South Park in which she and the Duke of Sussex are mocked.

The latest episode of the show, 'World Privacy Tour', didn't hold back with its story of the Prince of Canada and his wife, who bore extremely close resemblance to both Harry and Meghan.

It poked fun at their grievances, and mocked Harry's book tour by having him promote a book called 'Waaagh'.

A source reportedly told The Spectator magazine Markle was "annoyed by South Park but refuses to watch it all".

The Daily Mail claimed Harry and Meghan's lawyers were now "casting an eye" over the episode in question.

The episode saw the pair relocate to South Park after bashing the monarchy, and were depicted in the show waving placards which said "Stop looking at us" and "We want our privacy".

It also saw South Park characters Stan calling their cartoon equivalents the "dumb prince and his stupid wife", while fellow character Kyle complained about the private jet parked outside his home. 

Also in the episode, a branding manager revealed he'd kept files on the cartoon prince and his wife.

"I have your brand already: Sorority girl, actress, influencer and victim," he told the Markle caricature, before describing the prince's brand as: "Royal prince, millionaire, world traveller, victim."

Neither Meghan nor Harry have officially commented on the episode.

However, fans have said it was a return to form for South Park, which began back in August 1997.

"Absolutely BRILLIANT episode tonight! Was worth the one year wait. This is what South Park is all about. Bravo!" one said.

"This episode was hilarious, my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard! They captured the 'royals' perfectly!" another said.