Harry Styles confirms he's completed New Zealand census

Harry Styles has confirmed he's part of the millions of people who've completed the census.

Per census rules, everyone who's in New Zealand on March 7 must be counted and a census spokesperson said there aren't special exemptions for anyone.

"This includes tourists, visitors, and former members of One Direction," they said.

During his concert in Auckland on Tuesday night, the pop star asked the 40,000-strong crowd at Mt Smart Stadium: "Did everyone do the census thing?"

"As long as we're accounted for, we can carry on. I've done it - I think," he cheerily said before carrying on with the show.

"Otherwise, we have to stop the show and fill out the paperwork."

Styles also led the crowd in Tūtira Mai Ngā Iwi. When it ended, he remarked the waiata is "much longer than I was told it was".

He then greeted the "people of Auckland and the surrounding areas" and thanked everyone for the warmth of his welcome.

Fever around Styles' visit has been growing in Auckland. On Monday, some 24 hours before Styles was even in the country, people were posting on social media about how they were already in the queue at Mt Smart to buy merchandise from the show.

But on Tuesday morning just after 8:25am, one fan posted from inside Mt Smart Stadium, 12 hours before Styles was thought to be performing.

"I'm in the venue now Harry Styles," they wrote.

Other fans told AM they would be heading to the venue early to "get in line for the T-shirts", with merchandise stands at the stadium opening at 10am.