K-Pop sensation AleXa says it 'feels surreal' when people dance to her music

Alexandra Christine Schneiderman - more commonly known by her stage name 'AleXa' - has exploded into the world of K-Pop (Korean Pop).

AleXa, who is from Oklahoma in the United States, gained a large following after she won the K-Pop show Rising Legends in 2018.

And that winning streak didn't stop in 2022, as AleXa claimed victory in the first-ever American Song Contest show.

She faced off against the likes of Jewel and Michael Bolton and took the win for K-Pop and her home state of Oklahoma.

The K-Pop star was even praised by rap legend Snoop Dogg who said: "Snoop Dogg is calling you a star. You can't fight that."

AleXa was on The Project on Tuesday and said she has her best friend to thank for introducing her to K-Pop.

"Thanks to her I discovered K-Pop way back in 2008. Well over a decade ago. I found K-Pop and fell in love with it," she said.

"I started learning different dance routines that the idols would do and then that lead me to do auditions - which eventually lead to my company finding me through social media and the rest is history."

When The Project asked how people can get into K-Pop who haven't listened to it she said you can start anywhere.

"K-Pop is such a large genre within itself. There is RnB, there's hip-hop, there's ballads, there's bubblegum pop, there's heavy dance music. Just whatever you think you would like that's not K-Pop give it a try in the K-Pop fashion."

She told The Project a K-Pop performance is far more than just someone singing a song.

"It's not just the song, it's not just the dance. [It's] the music, the hair and makeup, the styling. K-Pop is this whole big shebang."

When The Project asked her how she felt knowing people were dancing to her music like she used to do with her idols, she said it "feels surreal".

"I never imagined myself in this kind of position."

You can catch AleXa's show at Auckland's Studio - The Venue on Thursday or at the Korean Culture Festival on Friday in Auckland.

Watch the full interview with AleXa above.