K-pop stars put on free concert as Korean Culture in Auckland week kicks off

AM roving presenter William Waiirua has busted out some KPop-inspired moves ahead of the launch of a week-long celebration of Korean Culture in Auckland (KCAKL).

The festival kicks off in the city's Freyberg Square from 5pm on Friday with K-Pop artists and DJs coming from Korea to play.

They include DJ Junsngwon, DJ Daul, Peak Boy, Paul Kim; Ineffa Lucas; KDA, Verse 3, Sooji Choi x Choi's Dance Studio, Variety E-Seo, Check Mate, Moon Young Jang, Art3mis, Prins and AleXa.

Paul Kim told AM's Waiirua he "can't wait to see my fans, it's my first time in Auckland, New Zealand, I'm so excited". 

Auckland Council city centre place activation spokesperson Barbara Holloway says it's a timely sentiment after a challenging summer.

"With KCAKL we want to bring communities to the city centre through the love of everything Korean – music, beauty, travel, food and more.

"It will be uplifting to see the heart of the High Street district pumping with K-energy. We encourage all Aucklanders to join us as we celebrate our city's hugely talented, passionate and innovative Korean community."

Watch the video from AM above.