Lizzo says she loves how Kiwis pronounce her latest album Special

The multi-talented Lizzo is heading to New Zealand in July and she says how New Zealanders pronounce her album name is the best.

The award-winning singer, songwriter, movie star, rapper and flautist is coming to Aotearoa for her Special tour in July. 

When The Project's co-host Kanoa Lloyd told Lizzo her mental health has improved because she knew she would be coming to NZ for her tour, Lizzo said she loved her pronunciation.

"'Speeshal' is the best pronunciation of my album I have ever heard," Lizzo told The Project.

Lizzo was last in New Zealand for FOMO festival in 2020 and said she absolutely loved it.

"I love, love New Zealand. The last time I was there I was so happy and I am going to Hobbiton this time. I can't wait to be back."

She also admitted to The Project, she found out at the same time as the people of New Zealanders that she would be coming here in July.

"Maybe I am saying too much but I don't know where I am going to be tomorrow. So when I found out I was like 'oh cool'. I found out about when you did too," she jokingly said.

Lizzo also made a cheeky dig at the way Kiwis pronounce the word 'deck'. 

When asked by The Project if she had anything to say to her Kiwi fans, she said: "Come have a beer on my deck July 26."

She said 'deck' because New Zealanders sound like they are saying 'd**k when they say 'deck' to non-New Zealanders.

Watch the full interview with Lizzo above.

Lizzo will be performing at Auckland's Spark Arena on Wednesday, July 26.