Prince William accused of 'performative PR' after speaking out over racism towards UK football team

Prince William has been accused of 'performative PR' after defending a football team who has been experiencing racial abuse but not protecting his own sister–in–law, Meghan Markle when she was experiencing it. 

One Twitter user said: "Every time Prince William publicly defends footballers who are racially abused but publicly stays silent on the racism his brother's wife and children face, he opens himself up to very valid accusations of performative PR; anti-racism isn't a pick 'n' mix in a sweetie shop."

Several other Twitter users agreed.

One person replied to the tweet: "The RF [Royal Family] are only capable of arm's length empathy. And even then, it is fleeting and gone faster than a cooling cup of tea."

Another user replied: "Prince William's selective outrage towards racism is as absurd as a goalkeeper saving penalties with their eyes closed."

Sky News reported Prince William wrote a letter to the Alpha United Juniors football team after it was the target of racist comments and violent threats made by people watching on the sidelines during their games.

"Racism and abuse has no place in our society. Abhorrent behaviour of this nature must stop now and all those responsible be held to account," Prince William said in the letter.

Newsweek reported the Duke of Cambridge also contacted the Football Association about the team's experiences and the letter became public when it was shared to the media by the Alpha United Juniors football team.

Author Shola Mos-Shogbamimu told Newsweek that Prince William "lacks credibility" when it came to how he addressed racism.

"The problem with William is that he lacks real credibility on race, racism and race relations because he did not tackle the racism under his own roof, in his own family," Shogbagmimu said.

"So when Prince William does not do what's needed in protecting his own sister-in-law from racism, which he says has no place in our society, then why in heavens should anyone believe him when he's responding to young people or the rest of the public about his feelings about racism."

The author said he needs to get his act together on how speaks on racism because "he's going to be our next king."