Watch: Singer Adam Lambert explains why there are no New Zealand songs on his new covers album

Singer Adam Lambert has just released a new covers album with music from Billie Eilish to Kings of Leon.

The new album High Drama has a variety of covers on which Lambert has put his unique spin on. But The Project noticed he didn't have any songs from New Zealand musicians.

When The Project asked Lambert why he didn't have any Kiwi artists like Lorde on the new album, he said: "I do like Lorde, Lorde is good, I like Lorde. I should have - maybe the next time I do one of these."

Lambert, who is also the frontman for Queen, told The Project being able to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury along with the other band members has been "such an honour."

"It's been such a treat to celebrate him and from the get-go, Brian [May], Roger [Taylor] and I were talking and the idea was not to imitate Freddie but it's still to keep within the spirit of these original songs.

"It's a balancing act and I do think it's taught me a lot."

Watch The Project's interview with Adam Lambert above.