Controversial broadcaster Sean Plunket permanently suspended from Twitter

Sean Plunket smiling
Sean Plunket has been suspended permanently from Twitter. Photo credit: Facebook

Controversial broadcaster Sean Plunket has been suspended from Twitter.

Screenshots circulating Twitter appear to show the suspension is due to his breaking the "hateful conduct rule".

On Facebook, Plunket posted his own screenshot along with the message: "Just got suspended from Twitter. Another victory for free speech." 

He would not comment further to Newshub when contacted.

In the screenshot Plunket posted, Twitter says his account is permanently suspended for breaking "the Twitter Rules", but does not specify which specific rules he breached.

Multiple tweets from various accounts have posted screenshots that show Twitter upholding complaints about Plunket's account over hateful conduct and exposing private information.

Recently, Plunket has allegedly breached Family Court rules through tweeting documents related to a case made against filmmaker and journalist David Farrier.

Being suspended from Twitter is just the latest controversy Plunket has found himself embroiled in.

He founded The Platform NZ after leaving Magic Talk in February 2021, saying at the time he had decided to go.

Then CEO Cam Wallace thanked him for his "significant contribution" to the station over his two-year stint hosting the Magic Talk afternoon show.

Plunket's future at the station had been questioned following an outcry over fill-in host John Banks having a racist conversation with a caller named Richard who labelled Māori "stone age people".

Banks, the former Mayor of Auckland, replied: "These people will come through your bathroom window". Another comment Banks made about Māori was: "If you tie a dog to a tree and kick it, it's going to bite you."

He later issued an apology and was taken off-air later that week. Plunket then tweeted: "Been fighting the urge to tweet 'anyone else feeling for John Banks'."

The was a reference to a similar tweet Plunket posted in 2017 about convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein, which landed him in hot water with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Sean Plunket tweets about feeling for Harvey Weinstein.
Photo credit: Twitter

In 2020, MediaWorks was fined $3000 for an interview Plunket conducted with a spokesperson from Te Whānau ā Apanui, deeming it "harmful and offensive to Māori".

On Magic Talk predecessor Radio Live, Plunket also caused outrage in 2015 with his on-air treatment of Louise Carroll, Chief Executive Officer of the National Foundation for the Deaf.