How much King Charles III is worth

King Charles posing on a chair in regalia
King Charles III's worth has been revealed in a new annual rich list. Photo credit: Getty Images

The astounding amount of money earned by King Charles III has been revealed as part of the latest edition of the annual Sunday Times Rich List.

The soon-to-be-coronated monarch is worth a staggering NZ$1.2billion according to the latest figures.

It also revealed the King's personal fortune was greater than that of his late mother, the Queen, who had amassed around $684million.

A former aide revealed to The Sunday Times Charles had managed to accumulate a net wealth over the years while being savvy with savings following his costly 1996 divorce from Diana, the Princess of Wales.

He'd paid her NZ$31 million and a salary as part of their settlement.

"He became prudent at tucking away some money from the Duchy [of Cornwall] after that wipe-out [of capital]," the source said.

Charles receives money from the Duchy as the heir to the throne - it's believed The Duchy of Cornwall is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion alone.

During his time as overseer of the Duchy of Cornwall, Charles increased its annual profits by 42.6 per cent to $47 million between 2011 and 2022.

During those 11 years, Charles made $393.6 million from the duchy. That income is not liable to tax payments, but the King has voluntarily opted to pay income tax since 1993.

The Times said much of his other income stems from "renting commercial properties" in other areas of the UK.