King Charles' coronation quiche declared 'lamest thing' ahead of May 6 event

King Charles III's choice of dish for his coronation on May 6 has been widely mocked online as the "lamest thing ever".

Ahead of the event, the monarch declares a dish that will be hopefully embraced by the British public and become woven into the fabric of its society.

In 1953 at the last coronation, Queen Elizabeth chose "coronation chicken" - a dish made from cooked chicken meat with a curried mayonnaise dressing - that swiftly became a part of UK tradition.

However, Charles III's choice of fare, a "coronation quiche", has been unveiled to plenty of derision.

Buckingham Palace revealed the dish was selected as it is "convenient" for sharing and the ingredients can be adjusted to the chef's preference.

The dish itself contains spinach, broad beans and tarragon, all set within eggs and pastry.

But the news has caused consternation online with many criticising the fact it relies on eggs, amid an ongoing egg shortage in the UK with production at the lowest level in over a decade, according to The Guardian.

A chef serving quiche
This is what the final finished product should look like. Photo credit: Twitter / The Royal Family

Some took to Twitter showing empty shelves in supermarkets, asking angrily: "What are we supposed to make this 'Coronation Quiche' with?"

Others took umbrage with how boring the planned signature dish was.

"Quiche?? For a coronation??" one asked.

"This is the lamest thing I've ever heard. Imagine having 70+ years to think about it and choosing QUICHE. I despair," another said.

"It's probably the biggest day of your life, you're about to be made King, you wanna have a good meal to celebrate it, you know like you do on your *special number* birthday. So what do you pick? The full works? A good pudding? No, a QUICHE! We're doomed," another quipped.