MAFS star Cameron Woods storms off during final vows to wife Lyndall Grace

Married At First Sight groom Cameron Woods has stormed off midway through his final vows, leaving wife Lyndall Grace after she told him her "life does not include you".

According to reports, the former couple is no longer on speaking terms either, months after the end of the show.

Woods became the latest casualty of the reality TV series (which is available to view on ThreeNow) after fellow contestant Duncan James brutally dumped wife Alyssa Sanderson the night before.

Speaking at the final ceremony, Grace told Woods he had started fading away after their marriage.

"Unfortunately, at one point or another, the man I met at our wedding started fading away," she said. 

"In our first few weeks together, you could barely sit through the smallest of criticisms and constantly walked out of hard conversations, leaving me to pick up the pieces." 

Grace, who has lived with cystic fibrosis, told Woods that he needed to "stay in your lane".

"I won't spend another moment of that life restricting not by my condition, not by my body, not by fear and certainly not by you," she said.

"So to put it plainly, stay in your lane, and I'll stay in mine. I want to build a life I'm proud of and that life does not include you."

As Woods was about to begin his final vows to Grace, he was interrupted.

"Before you start, I just feel like no matter what you say today it's only going to disappoint me again and I think I'm just done." 

Woods then threw down his vows at her feet, saying: "Perfect, you can have them then," before adding: "Get me in a car, I'm out of here."

"That's me done."  

A source told the Daily Mail the couple were no longer in contact, after Woods had said he'd had enough of Grace "thriving off the other couples' drama" on the show.

"He realised they were different people when Lyndall was getting stuck into other people's business at the dinner parties and commitment ceremonies," the source reportedly told the website.

"They might look good on paper, but in real life they just kept clashing."