Married At First Sight's Alyssa Barmonde slammed for 'dirty' treatment of former husband Duncan James at reunion dinner

Married At First Sight's Alyssa Barmonde has been slammed by fans for her "dirty" behaviour during the show's reunion dinner as the 2023 season nears its conclusion.

The single mother's aim in the penultimate episode was exposing former husband Duncan James after he dumped her at the final vows. She claimed he'd worn a "mask" for the entire experiment, hiding his intentions and not giving them a chance.

Accusing James of being "fake" and "talking shit about me", Barmonde was called out for her treatment of her former husband once the pair reunited.

As James re-entered and began to hug the other contestants, he was hugged by his former wife who simulated vomiting behind his back. That moment didn't impress expert Mel Schilling who said it was "very high school" behaviour.

Barmonde didn't hold back telling James: "You dumped me bro, you dumped me Duncan, you broke my heart.

"You made me believe that there was a future for us. I sacrificed leaving my son for you!"

However, her actions have been called out online with many commenters saying she was "delusional" and "an entitled, controlling, obnoxiously puerile snob".

"Alyssa, babes. He's not running the narrative. You are, and you're just mad because Duncan is one of those rare men who actually communicates their emotions and you look like a psycho," one said.

"You treated him like dirt and lost him Alyssa. This is totally on you!" another posted.

"Duncan is literally one of the most mature and kind men we've ever had on this trashfire of a show, and Alyssa was too insecure to realise how good she had it," another said.

However, despite being slated by Barmonde on the show, James has continued to defend his wife after the series ended.

He told that she doesn't deserve the "horrible comments" which have been fired her way.

"The stuff that people are saying about her and to her...  I hate it. I've seen some of it, I don't see much of it, I do try to pull myself away from it," James said.

"No one deserves some of the horrible comments people have said."

The finale of Married At First Sight Australia airs on Wednesday on Three, and the series can be streamed on ThreeNow.