Michelle Yeoh brings her Oscar home to her mum in Malaysia

Last month, Michelle Yeoh became the first Asian woman to win the Academy Award for best actress. 

Now the Oscar winner has followed through on her promise to take her new Oscar home to her mom in Malaysia.

During her acceptance speech, Michelle Yeoh dedicated her Oscar to her 84-year-old mother Janet and to other mums around the world

"I have to dedicate this to my mom... and all the moms around the world as they are really the superheroes," Yeoh said.

It was an incredible night for Yeoh and all the cast and filmmakers behind the film Everything Everywhere All At Once. The art-house break-out became a certified Oscars history-maker that night and 60-year-old Yeoh knew exactly what that meant for her and for women everywhere.

"And ladies - don't ever let anybody tell you that you are ever past your prime," she said. 

Watching from Malaysia, surrounded by family and friends, Janet witnessed her famous daughter making history.

"I love you guys... I am bringing this home to you," Yeoh said.

She delivered on her promise to bring 'Mr O' home, sharing an image of her delighted mother on her Instagram.

"Without my parents' love and trust and support… I wouldn't be here today," Yeoh said.

She also made a special trip to her father's grave with her Oscar in tow. 

Yeoh is shooting the film adaptation of the hit musical Wicked and if fans are wondering if she can sing, it's in her genes, just ask Janet.