Patrick Gower reveals his secret ingredient for a romance mixtape as cassette sales soar

Patrick Gower has revealed he made an "unusual" mixtape when he was younger as he tried to woo someone.

As co-host of The Project NZ, he shared his tips during a segment on the show which discussed the rise in sales of cassette tapes, fuelled largely by Gen Z consumers.

Earlier this week The Guardian reported cassette tape sales in the UK have reached their highest level since 2003.

Record shops around Aotearoa also said they'd seen an uptick in people buying the tapes, with one musician telling The Project: "You fall in love with the record that's stuck in your car."

As the hosts discussed the return of cassette tapes and the blank C-90 tapes - which were used to record music from the radio or to make mixtapes - Gower shared a surprising confession.

"I made one of those, once, trying to romance someone," he said.

"Never heard back from them."

When asked about the tape, Gower revealed its secret ingredient: "It was an unusual one, I actually talked on it, there was no music - it was the world's first podcast."

Watch the video from The Project above.