Radio host Toni Street furious after her photos used for fake weight loss pill advertisement

  • 07/04/2023

Prominent Kiwi broadcaster Toni Street is outraged by fake advertising that used her images to promote bogus weight loss pills, saying it's "a total scam".

Street posted a screenshot of the fake ad on social media, which showed different side-by-side photos of her the scammers falsely said were taken a month apart.

The doctored video depicts Street promoting the pills in a lip-synced British accent.

"Hi guys, didn't want to give this oxygen but I've been asked by a number of people about this," reads Street's post on Instagram.

"It's a total scam using doctored images and a fake voice to sell 'keto gummies' DO NOT buy them."

Street said she had "nothing to do" with the product.

"I saw the same fake ad using @jackieo_official image in Australia," she said, referring to prominent Aussie radio host Jackie Henderson.

"Please report [it] as a scam if you see it on Insta or Facebook so I can shut this down."

It's not clear who was behind the false advertisement but it appears other broadcasting personalities have fallen victim.

"Aww not you too, Toni! I'm in the same boat as you. There's one of me doing the rounds," Newshub presenter Oriini Kaipara commented.

"They've done it to me too!" actress Antonia Prebble wrote.

In 2019, then-Three journalist Duncan Garner was targeted in a Facebook cryptocurrency scam.

He revealed Bitcoin and "fancy cars" were being falsely promoted under his name.

Broadcaster Mike Hosking was used to try and suck people into a similar crypto scam in 2020.