Sean Plunket 'unbanned' from Twitter four days after being 'permanently suspended

Sean Plunket broadcasting
Sean Plunket is back on social media platform Twitter. Photo credit: Supplied

Controversial broadcaster Sean Plunket has been 'unbanned' from Twitter just four days after he said he had been "permanently suspended" from the social media platform.

On Thursday morning just after 9am, he posted a tweet that simply said: "I'm back".

In a follow up tweet 15 minutes later, Plunket expanded a little more offering thanks to Twitter owner Elon Musk.

"An enormous thank you to all who supported free speech and my unbanning 

@elonmusk @OzraeliAvi. We may not always agree but we must talk and search for understanding. Also big thanks to the team at @theplatform_nz for your awesome work," he wrote.

On Monday, Plunket announced on Facebook his account had been suspended.

"Just got suspended from Twitter. Another victory for free speech," he wrote.

Screenshots circulating on Twitter on Monday appeared to show the suspension is due to his breaking the "hateful conduct rule".

At the time, Twitter said his account was permanently suspended for breaking "the Twitter Rules", but did not specify which specific rules he breached.

Multiple tweets from various accounts posted screenshots that show Twitter upholding complaints about Plunket's account over hateful conduct and exposing private information.

Recently, Plunket appeared to have breached Family Court rules through tweeting documents related to a case made against filmmaker and journalist David Farrier, which was subsequently thrown out.