Taylor Swift Eras tour prompts fears of alien invasion in Florida after concert lights seen in the sky

Taylor Swift holding her arms to the sky
Taylor Swift's latest US concert has prompted fears of an alien invasion. Photo credit: Getty / TikTok

Taylor Swift's latest US concert has prompted concerns from a group of nearby residents that the lights in the sky were the start of an alien invasion, not from the show itself.

The group of Florida residents uploaded footage of a string of moving lights that were spotted in the sky in Tampa, arguing it was definitely not from the Eras concert underway nearby, and definitely UFOs.

In the video, which was taken outside the Raymond James Stadium in Florida, the white band of lights moved left and right across the clouds.

Those taking the video were heard screaming, "No way!" and, "They're coming for you!"

One could also be heard telling a friend: "Bro, pack your shit, we're out."

Despite another bystander informing them the lights were from the local concert, the woman who uploaded the video to TikTok denied it could possibly be from Swift's show.

"That's not Taylor Swift, that's some alien shit," she said.

The videos, which have amassed over 750,000 views, were swamped by Taylor Swift's fan base.

"I love how there's no way it's Taylor Swift but it IS aliens," one said.

"Why are we screaming, those are Taylor's concert lights," another said.

"100 percent Taylor swift. You're telling me it's just a coincidence it's happening the same time T-swift is playing?" a third commented.