ACT Party, Labour and Greens savagely burned in Paddy Gower Has Issues debut

Labour, the Greens and the ACT Party were savagely mocked in the debut episode of Three's new series Paddy Gower Has Issues during segments that humorously wrapped the previous week's world and national news with co-hosts Eli Mathewson and Courtney Dawson.

Discussing the latest budget from Finance Minister Grant Robertson, Dawson said "the Government's budget was called [the] bread and butter [budget], because pretty soon they'll be toast."

Mathewson didn't hold back either when discussing the furore over Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau's photo opportunity with Kim Jin-pyo, the South Korean National Assembly Speaker.

Trudeau was posing with his feet wide apart so he didn't appear taller than his guest, in a custom called "manner legs" where your height is reduced to match that of your counterpart.

"If you think Canada spreads its legs for Korea, wait till you see how ACT spreads its legs for National later this year," Mathewson said to a shocked reaction from the crowd.

Both Mathewson and Dawson also turned on Greens co-leader and Climate Change Minister Jamie Shaw's typically stoic facial expressions during the announcement the Glenbrook Steel Mill was turning electric to reduce its emissions.

Showing a clip where Shaw was seen smiling at the news, a reporter told him: "You're not often looking this happy - are you stoked?"

Joking about Shaw getting to "make a new facial expression", Mathewson then showed photos of the politician looking stony-faced at a rave, an amusement park and Chlöe Swarbrick's birthday.

"Finally a man being told to smile more," Dawson added.

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