All Blacks brutally dissed by Dylan Moran, says New Zealanders 'do nothing else but watch them'

Black Books comedian Dylan Moran has hit out at New Zealand's rugby obsession, declaring that Aotearoa is too wrapped up in the All Blacks to care about anything else.

Speaking to The Project ahead of his show at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, Moran was told his show's name, 'We Got This', was similar to the attitude demonstrated by the All Blacks after one told someone to "chill out, we got this" at a Rugby World Cup game, with the moment going viral.

However, Moran shot back that the country is obsessed with the ABs - at the detriment of seeing the bigger picture in terms of global current affairs.

"You people do nothing else but watch them," he said to Jeremy Corbett when asked if he was a rugby fan.

"I remember being here and I think the World Cup must have been on and the All Blacks were doing terribly well, which is the way they rock along apparently.

"The news was on, and it was all about the All Blacks and it was about 15 minutes long, and it was everything they had for lunch and what their hopes and dreams were.

"Then at the end the newsreader said: 'And Gadaffi said, and night' - and that was it."

Watch the video from The Project above.