Cupcakes, comedy and chaos - Ed Gamble and Josh Thomson derail anarchic AM interview

UK comedian Ed Gamble told AM show hosts Ryan Bridge and Laura Tupou it's "like you're trying to assassinate me" in an interview to promote the 30th anniversary of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

The Taskmaster star and stand up comic appeared on AM on Friday alongside Kiwi comedian  Josh Thomson ahead of the launch of the festival, which runs through May across the motu.

However, while revealing he wasn't bothered about missing out on all the "insane people celebrating the coronation", Thomson noticed a plate of cupcakes in front of them, telling Gamble he thought those were for him.

But Gamble stunned Thomson, Bridge and Tupou by saying: "No, no, no - I hope they're not for me. I'm type 1 diabetic, and I hate the monarchy."

"So thanks very much guys, it's like you're trying to assassinate me," Gamble said.

"We thought it might be funny to see you choke, you know what I mean," Bridge said jokingly.

Watch the AM video above.