Deadloch: Why Madeleine Sami had to start all over again during filming

Madeleine Sami says she had to start all over again during filming of Prime Video's new crime-comedy show Deadloch, which launches next week.

The Kiwi comedian and writer stars in the new eight part Australian-set noir crime comedy series as Senior Investigator Eddie Redcliffe, a "rough as guts blow in from Darwin" who's paired up with a local detective to solve a murder in the sleepy seaside hamlet of Deadloch.

Sami spent five and a half months shooting the show during the pandemic, and had been involved in the writing of the show as well with Australian writers Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan.

However, she told AM hosts Ryan Bridge and Laura Tupou that she had been brought in as a writer early on in the series and had brainstormed ideas on Zoom calls with the creative team.

But when it came to episode five which she had written, she was told to change everything as the story had developed in a different direction.

She said she relished the challenge of the series, as creating a crime show was "a very specific way of writing".

"You do have to keep the audience hooked," she told Tupou.

Watch the video from AM above.