Toddler leash with poo bag attached suggestion sends AM hosts into fits of laughter

  • 22/05/2023

AM hosts broke out in hysterical laughter during Monday's show following a conversation about whether toddler leashes were still popular. 

The toddler leash or child harness is a safety device worn by children when out walking with their parent or caregiver. 

AM news reader Nicky Styris said her mother used a child harness when she and her two other siblings were children to "make sure we couldn't run away". 

"Was it a retractable one? Like the poodles have?," co-host Ryan Bridge asked.

"With poo bags attached," Styris joked.

Styris' suggestion sent the hosts into fits of laughter.

"Oopsie who did that?" Styris said. 

Bridge, cracking up with laughter adds: "It's cause Nicky's running away she's sh**ing on the ground."

"Oops I better scoop up after Nicky," Bridge adds. 

Watch the hilarious moment in full above.