Netflix appoints Arnold Schwarzenegger as its 'Chief Action Officer'

Arnold Schwarzenegger is now the 'Chief Action Officer' at Netflix, the streaming company announced - although it didn't explain what the new role entails.

In a video announcing the Terminator star's new role, the 75-year-old is filmed watching clips of upcoming films and TV shows and demanding explosions be made bigger and bad guys be hit harder.

The clip starts with Schwarzenegger arriving at the Netflix office building in a military tank, destroying a car in the process, before emerging to exclaim: "No one loves action as much as I do."

Both the clip and a statement about Schwarzenegger's new role on the Netflix website then promote a slew of upcoming action titles it is set to release in the coming months.

It's the latest collaboration between the action movie legend and the streaming giant, which recently launched 'The Arnold Collection' in North America, consisting of Conan the Barbarian, Twins, Last Action Hero, Kindergarten Cop and The Last Stand.

A documentary about Schwarzenegger simply entitled Arnold, as well as a new action comedy series Fubar, are set to arrive on the platform in the coming months.

Several of his most beloved films are available on different platforms for Kiwi film fans. Predator, Commando, Conan the Barbarian, True Lies, Jingle All The Way and Terminator: Dark Fate are on Disney Plus in New Zealand, while Terminator 2: Judgment Day is on Neon.