Prince, Princess of Wales surprise Royal fans with walkabout, taste test homemade gin

  • 08/05/2023

Hundreds of Royal enthusiasts surrounded the Prince and Princess of Wales on Sunday (local time) during a surprise walkabout at Windsor Castle.

Just hours after the King's coronation, Prince William and Princess Kate shook hands and met buzzing Royal fans on the Long Walk in Windsor.

Video captured by Sky News shows the Royal duo circled in by media and hundreds of fans, during the walkabout as they met a group of women all wearing golden crowns.

Sky News reports the women had bought a special homemade gin concoction, which they offered the Prince and Princess of Wales. 

The pair were offered a sip of the homemade gin in a Union Flag paper cup. Prince William took the first sip seemingly surprised by the taste. 

"It's not bad actually," the Prince can be heard saying over the loud buzz of fans.

The Prince then hands the same cup to his wife to taste, while the golden-crowned women eagerly looked appearing to wait for the Princess's approval.

"Ohhh it's very good," Princess Kate can be heard saying.

In a separate video published by the Telegraph, Princess Kate was captured consoling a young girl who was visibly emotional by the Royal couple's visit.

The young girl, sporting a headband with Union Flags and what appears to be a royal-themed dress was seemingly overwhelmed by the Royal's presence. 

Princess Kate could be seen holding the young girl's arm as she cried before the young girl came in with a hug.

What appears to be the young girl's mum could be seen filming the entire reaction and was emotional too by the Royal visit too. 

Hundreds of excited fans gathered and tried to meet, shake hands or get selfies with the Royal duo.