Review: Fast X shows the series doesn't have much left in the tank

Vin Diesel and his Fast and Furious family are back with the tenth instalment of his blockbuster franchise.

Fast X has just catapulted into cinemas globally and - for her sins - so did Kate Rodger.

Fill the tank, buckle up, rev your cinematic engines, there's another Fast and Furious movie boy racing into town.

Vin Diesel gets back behind the wheel in his Fast and Furious franchise of ever-diminishing returns, enlisting familiar fast faces and fan favourites to drive this flimsy story forward the one breath of fresh air in the form of a new bad guy - Jason Momoa's Dante.

Dante chases Dom around the globe blowing up half of Rome on a revenge mission to make Dominic Toretto suffer.

It will of course be a team effort to ensure any suffering is kept to a bare minimum. It's all about family.

Look my relationship with the Fast and Furious franchise feels like an all-or-nothing affair. Fast Five blew my freaking socks off, I was all in.

Now as we get to Fast X there's nothing much left in the tank. Cars and humans are entirely indestructible, our heroes time and time again emerge from certain incineration without a scratch or blister - the sheer ridiculousness matched only by my sheer boredom.

Diehard Fast and Furious fans you'll see your ticket as money well spent and you'll get no judgement here but for me two-and-a-half stars is the most I can muster.