Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's donkey likes to join his Zoom calls

Arnold Schwarzenegger lives with a menagerie of animals, including a miniature horse named Whiskey and a donkey named Lulu.

In fact, Lulu likes to join the actor while he's on his Zoom calls.

Schwarzenegger stars in the new Netflix show FUBAR, alongside Monica Barbaro.

The two stars spoke with TV Insider about the action/comedy series in which they play a father and daughter who discover they both secretly work for the CIA.

"On Zoom, he's got a cigar in his mouth. His [pet] donkey walks up, he gives him a cookie," Barbaro said of meeting Schwarzenegger over Zoom for the first time.

"You're like, 'OK, this is not what I expected but also everything I could have possibly hoped for!'"

"Those [action] scenes feel like coming home," Schwarzenegger said of the series.

"I’m always up for whatever will pack the biggest punch."

FUBAR premieres May 25 on Netflix.