Carrie Fisher's white Princess Leia gown worn in Star Wars: A New Hope up for auction

Princess Leia's iconic dress is for sale
Princess Leia's iconic dress is for sale. Photo credit: YouTube

The archetypal white gown that Carrie Fisher wore while playing Princess Leia in 1977’s Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope could be yours to own, if you have a couple million dollars to spare.

Propstore Auction, billed as a vendor of entertainment memorabilia that sells props and collectibles through live and online auction platforms, has the "original screen-matched ceremonial dress" listed on their site and estimates it could sell for up toUS$2 million when bidding closes on June 28.

The site also lists the dress as a "historically significant piece" that "is the only Princess Leia costume known to still exist from the original film."

Costume Designer John Mollo created the gown for Fisher’s legendary character Princess Leia. He went on to win an Oscar in 1978 for his work on A New Hope.

According to Barneby’s Magazine, Propstore Auction founder Stephen Lane said many collectors in the industry feared the garment was lost forever, and that collectors had been on the hunt for the gown for 40 years.

"No one had found any Princess Leia costumes," he said, adding that he met with a former crew member "and hanging on the back of a door in his office was this ratty old plastic bag – and balled up in the bottom of the plastic bag was the dress."

Lane said the dress was in "really poor condition" but he instantly recognized it because of the armored belt.

According to the Prophouse Auction lot description, it was stored in a “London attic” for many years and upon its discovery, “a meticulous, museum-caliber restoration was conducted by professional textile conservators in London.”

Fisher wore the gown during the film’s final scene, while in the throne room as she bestowed Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) with their medals of honor.

Barneby’s estimated the final sum the garment might fetch to be even higher than Propstore, saying it could be set to sell for US$2.5 million.

And so, for those hoping to place the winning bid on one of the most recognizable items in cinema and pop culture history… may the force be you.