Dai Henwood thanks fans for support amid cancer fight, shares care tips for others

Comedian Dai Henwood has thanked his fans and supporters as he continues to fight incurable bowel cancer.

In a series of messages on TikTok, he said he has been humbled by the support he has received during a recent tour which has "just been amazing".

"It fills me with a great sense of pride in the human race and the fact that humans actually can be pretty cool, and you guys rock," he said.

Henwood also revealed he'd undergone his 17th round of chemotherapy after being diagnosed in January with stage 4 bowel cancer which his oncologist has declared "incurable".

"It's pretty rugged when you're in hospital. It's keeping this classic car on the road until we can figure out how to knock this cancer over," Henwood said of the treatment he'd been undergoing, adding he would be taking two weeks off before his next treatment.

"At the moment I only have cancer in my lungs. I have 10 tumours, I have one against a lymph node that's been radiated. I believe it's gone, so yeah I have bowel cancer in my lungs, I got crazy bum lungs.

"Hey, it's something I'm feeling positive about. I'm trying to use this cancer as a teacher, and I've learnt a lot about it, about myself, and I've also learned a lot about the beauty of humanity."

Henwood was asked by a commenter about how best to provide support for a friend undergoing chemotherapy and what a "great chemo care pack would look like".

While wishing the commenter's friend the best for their journey, Henwood suggested an Uber Eats voucher to someone's account, or texting to offer to pick up a certain food the person might be craving.

He also made note of saying those undergoing radiation may like hand cream, moisturiser, or body oil, and even something simple like a new toothbrush and sensitive toothpaste, as oral hygiene is "really important" during treatment.

But he also said the best thing he'd got for himself during the treatment were "some awesome lounge pants and a good robe".

The comedian has undergone high-dose radiation, three lung surgeries and having parts of his liver and bowel removed.

In January, Henwood spoke to The Project about the diagnosis and told them: "Cancer doesn't define me. How I respond to it defines me."