Matilda and Art Green reveal they're expecting baby number three

Art and Matilda Green have revealed some personal news.
Art and Matilda Green have revealed some personal news. Photo credit: Instagram

New Zealand reality TV stars Matilda and Art Green have revealed they're having a third child.

Speaking on her Untidy podcast, Matilda shared the news after telling her co-host that she was still in bed.

"I'm having a bad morning sickness day because we're having another baby which is so exciting," she told Hannah Davidson.

She also said there was a possibility the pregnancy could result in twins, as she had a "decent belly" from the conception.

"It has been in the back of my mind because my belly is quite big for 4 months," she said.

"I've got a decent belly and I'm sure I wasn't this big until at least six or seven months with Milo, but I mean, I think that's just third baby, your body knows what to do [sic]."

Green said she'd also joked with husband Art about the possibility of having twins: "He was like, 'Yeah I don't even want to really entertain it until we know', he just couldn't even joke about it."

She also told co-host Davidson that they wouldn't be finding out the sex of the child saying: "It's going to be a big old surprise."

The couple welcomed their first child Milo in September 2019 and their second child Autumn in June 2021.

The pair is the only success story from the Aotearoa version of The Bachelor after meeting on the show's first season in 2015.